Turning Mindfulness into Insight MeditationIf you are already practicing mindfulness, why not get the most out of the time and energy you invest?

Turning mindfulness into insight meditation isn’t that hard. If you’re already practicing mindfulness, just start paying attention to what happens when you become distracted. It’s those moments between the calm mind and distraction where insight happens. This is where you can see what’s really going on for yourself.

Any time you notice you’ve become distracted, stop what you’re doing and try to remember the first thought you had, or the series of topics that came up. It’s fine if you can’t, but try whenever you notice you’ve become distracted. What you’re ultimately looking for is the cause, or reason, for the very first thought that distracted you. That’s it…congratulations, you’ve turned average mindfulness meditation into an advanced insight meditation practice!

If you’d like to discuss Insight Meditation, or ask more about infusing it into your mindfulness practice, we can connect in the Facebook Group, in the G+ Community Page, on Twitter, or via E-mail.  We even have a printable meditation log for monitoring your progress.

People have an amazing capacity for self-realization. There’s no reason not to take advantage of it if you’re already practicing mindfulness.





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