Meet Todd Robinson

Todd RobinsonTodd Robinson is a meditation master with 35 years of experience. He’s most famous for his discovery of how both the human mind, and meditation, actually work, after studying the meditative process itself for more than 25 years.

Todd now imparts his vast knowledge through the accelerated meditation programs he designs and teaches, and through preparing new senior meditation program instructors.

“Discovering exactly how our minds function, from a meditative point of view, has been a long process. Nobody has ever followed it to it’s completion before, so I was in unknown territory much of the time. At one point I even had to throw out everything I knew about meditation and start over so that my own experiences and expectations wouldn’t so easily interfere with the investigative process.  It’s taken 1/4 century to get the complete picture, and to be able to describe it this plainly. I had never imagined being able to help new mediators learn more in an hour or two than people who have meditated their entire life.” – Todd Robinson

Todd began meditating in the mid 1980s practicing transcendental and other meditations before enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1989 and eventually serving as a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist during the Gulf War.

Todd developed severe PTSD symptoms while on active duty, but because the Marine Corps had trouble identifying and treating soldiers with PTSD during that era, Todd went AWOL to deal with the disorder.

While absent from the Marine Corps, Todd initially moved to Thailand as an escape, but when his symptoms were not subsiding on their own, he ordained as Thai Forrest Tradition Buddhist Monk. While working with his teacher, he noticed that as his meditation proficiency rose, the PTSD symptoms declined. Upon learning all he could at his home temple in Maha Sarakham, he was taken to several of the foremost meditation masters in Thailand for additional training.

When he was no longer experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, he returned to the Marine Corps and become the first Buddhist Monk within the U.S. Armed Service Chaplain Corps. While serving with the U.S. Navy Chaplains in Okinawa, Japan, he finished his contract with the US Marine Corps and studied Rinzai Zen in his spare time.

Once his military contract was completed, he returned to the U.S. and helped form the Vipassana Towers Meditation Center in Denver, CO. before moving to Illinois and eventually disrobing.

“Leaving the monkhood wasn’t the negative thing that many thought at the time.  As a monk, my meditation prowess had little to do with traditional Buddhist meditation.  The reason my meditation practice progressed so rapidly  was because of a particularly fortunate moment when I was meditating where I was suddenly able to see how my thoughts were forming.  At that moment my life completely changed.  Even when I attained Enlightenment, it took a back seat to the ongoing pursuit to further understand how meditation and our minds actually work, and some of what I was seeing didn’t really have a place within within the constraints of Buddhism.” – Todd Robinson

Applied Awareness is Todd’s way of teaching meditation as a pure experience without the bindings of religious tradition.