Todd RobinsonTodd Robinson is a meditation expert who’s spent more than 25 years investigating how meditation works and has over 35 years of meditation experience. He’s best known for his easy to follow eye-opening explanations of how meditation works, how we think, and how we can use this information to live happier lives whether we meditate or not.


Todd began practicing transcendental and other meditations in the mid 1980s before enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1989 and eventually serving as a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Specialist during the Gulf War. He developed severe PTSD symptoms while on active duty, but because the Marine Corps had trouble identifying and treating soldiers with PTSD during that era, Todd went AWOL to deal with the disorder.

While absent from the Marine Corps, Todd initially moved to Thailand as an escape, but when his symptoms were not subsiding on their own, he ordained as Thai Forrest Tradition Buddhist Monk. While working with his teacher, he noticed that as his meditation proficiency rose, the PTSD symptoms declined. Upon learning all he could at his home temple in Maha Sarakham, he was taken to several of the foremost meditation masters in Thailand for additional training.

When he was no longer experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, he returned to the Marine Corps and become the first Buddhist Monk within the U.S. Armed Service Chaplain Corps.

Once his military contract was completed, he returned to the U.S. and helped form the Vipassana Towers Meditation Center in Denver, CO. before moving to Illinois and eventually disrobing.

Applied Awareness™ is Todd’s way of sharing the fruits of his labors.