I recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest on a Community Playlist FM radio broadcast of the Flint Odyssey House in Flint, MI. The Odyssey House offers substance abuse treatment programs, and the focus of the broadcast was about how meditation can aid with treatment. It was a great experience with some fantastic people striving to make a much needed positive impact in the community.

Davonna Wallace the show’s producer, and host Kristen Senters Young were fantastic to work with. The video that Davonna and her “video Guy” set over the broadcast audio turned out really nice, thank you both! On a side note, I was allowed to select the music for the show, so if you’re curious about what I might choose to go ahead and give it a listen.


Anyone wanting more information, wanting to start meditating, or even just curious can contact me per the information in this video which includes my direct email address. You can also use the contact form here at Applied Awareness, message me on Twitter, or even call or text me directly at eight one zero – five one five – seven nine three six. Your calls will probably go to voicemail, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you just need something right now, you can start with a deep relaxation meditation of 12-15 minutes just by getting comfortable and paying attention to your breathing. Some people notice it easier as the air enters and leaves their nostrils, others as the air fills and is exhaled from their lungs, or from the diaphragm. Just use whichever allows you to notice your breathing more easily. As you continue paying attention to your breathing, let your body go limp…let your body fall asleep. With each exhale let your body fall totally asleep. If it’s difficult to keep paying attention to breathing, count your breaths from 1 to 5, then start over at 1 again after 5. Then contact me when you either need assistance or went to learn more.


Be Aware,

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