todd-teaching-wilsonWe won’t tell you what we think you need to know, because you’re unique and the way you go about reaching your goals will be too.  It doesn’t matter if you want to reduce stress, elevate your productivity, enhance sporting performance, let go of emotional baggage or anything else. Applied Awareness™ provides the tools to find the answers you want to know.

Applied Awareness uses a variety of simple techniques you can fit into your daily life.

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FBNotifications*Special note about Facebook.  Liking our page isn’t enough for you to see what we post.  We respect Facebook’s right to earn money through “Boost” advertising, but it would be ridiculously expensive to sponsor every post we make.  That means you won’t always see what we post unless someone else has already “liked” and/or shared the update or you have selected to be notified when we post. .  There’s a great article over at the KnittyBlog explaining how the Facebook system works.

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While some events are free and others are not, getting a chance to meet everyone face-to-face shouldn’t be missed.

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Getting One-on-One Instruction

For times when you don’t want to ask your questions in a public forum or just don’t want to wait for an answer, you can schedule an appointment and talk directly with Todd.

Most appointments are a quick, 15-minutes and your introductory interview is free.

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