Offer/Host Meditation Classes

Ride the wave of modern meditation technology and achieve unprecedented results. The secret of how meditation works is also the secret to rapid progress.

The Basic Awareness meditation program was created from the ground up from a comprehensive understanding of how meditation works, and fantastic real-time feedback from meditators over the years. Learning how it works as you meditate leads to fantastic results. In fact, it’s not unusual to learn more about meditation in a couple hours than others who have meditated for years.

Hour-long classes are split into three deep relaxation meditation segments with time for questions and feedback. Among other considerations, shorter segments allow for on-the-fly adjustments to make the most of your meditation time. Some attend classes purely for the deep relaxation experience, while others also follow the at-home stress-elimination strategy as outlined during every class.


Features of Basic Awareness Classes:

Meditation Segments – Meditation is divided into 10-15 minute segments because this is the time frame before most people begin to experience discomfort. It also becomes more difficult to remain aware after 12-15 minutes because the mind naturally tries to evaluate our surroundings, which is a natural self-defense mechanism we really shouldn’t interfere with for obvious safety reasons. Even advanced meditators who think the longer meditation segments could be more productive should never sit in any one position for more than 30 minutes at a time. Within 30 minutes blood begins to pool in the feet and seat decreasing the amount of blood flowing through the brain which can lead to deceptive meditation experiences. This period can become even shorter for people with a variety of cardiovascular health issues to include varicose or spider veins, so you should stand up and move around to get your blood flowing between each meditation segment.

How it Works – The goal isn’t to merely teach you a few meditation techniques, tell you what you should hope to experience, then hope you have some measure of success. Instead, we explain the process upfront to help you learn how meditation works. This allows you to incorporate the principals of meditation into your daily life. It also helps avoid the runts and limitations inherent in traditional Buddhist and other doctrinal traditions.