Overview of Applied Awareness

Derived from the direct knowledge of how our minds behave during meditation, Applied Awareness™ offers accelerated meditation programs, classes, and learning events, designed to help you develop the mental skills to become immune to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even help treat and prevent PTSD. Learning how you think will catapult your understanding beyond the limitations of only knowing what you think, bringing a wealth of self-understanding and control that permeates all that you do.

Current Applied Awareness Meditation Programs:

Our Becoming Aware program is our baseline program designed to combat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and help treat the symptoms of PTSD, all while increasing concentration by minimizing distraction. As you learn to develop effective meditation habits while using a multi-focal deep relaxation technique, which provides both immediate and long-term benefits, along with associative learning to create a natural relaxation response under stressful situations. Along the way you’ll learn exactly how each part of the process works. You’ll learn the parameters for maximizing results and minimizing frustration. You’ll also get other tips and tricks you can use to manage during particularly stressful times.

Advanced Awareness program builds upon our Becoming Aware program, and is currently only offered on an individual one-on-one basis, or as part of a two day learning event. You’ll learn to use the principals of walking meditation to take advantage of mind/body auto-syncing, as well as using walking meditation as a relaxation activity. You’ll also learn how your mind puts thoughts together, and how you can gain more control of your own thought process. You’ll learn to use self-awareness meditation techniques to investigating how you make the choices you do, and learn to make better (more aware) decisions. (Normally offered as part of a two-day event, or )

Soul Searching program helps you become more familiar with your intent and awareness, the two basic life traits which are present throughout everything we do, and exist within all forms of life. Together awareness and intent form what is sometimes called our consciousness, soul, or spirit, and is outside of our mental thinking process. Individually Intent is action itself, and Awareness, sometimes called intuition, allows us to pay attention to what our mind is doing even when we’re caught up in our thoughts. You’ll learn to use a variety of meditations such as deep relaxation, walking, gazing, and movement meditations. This is currently only offered on an individual one-on-one basis, or as part of a two day learning event.

Personal Guidance is offered to individuals who have their own specific goals, or who just want to get more out of the programs they follow.


Meet Todd Robinson – Founder, Applied Awareness™

Todd RobinsonTodd Robinson is a meditation master with 35 years of experience. He’s most famous for his discovery of how both the human mind, and meditation, actually work, after studying the meditative process itself for more than 25 years.

Todd now imparts his vast knowledge through the accelerated meditation programs he designs and teaches, and through preparing new senior meditation program instructors.

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