Learning how your meditation works on a mental level rapidly accelerates your progress. In fact, it’s not unusual for new meditators to learn more about meditation in a couple hours than others who’ve been meditating for years.

Being aware of how your mind behaves during meditation, and how the principals of meditation apply to the techniques you’re using, helps you incorporate the meditation activities you use into all aspects your daily life. It also helps you avoid many of the pitfalls, ruts, and limitations inherent in traditional Buddhist and other doctrinal traditions imposed by their religious goals and beliefs.

We will never push you down the usual path of just showing you a few meditation techniques, telling you what you could hope to experience, then hope you have some measure of success. Instead, we always explain how the meditation you are using works while presenting new meditation techniques so that you’ll always go into it well informed and ready to succeed. This approach is yielding some truly fantastic results. All of the classes and private guidance we offer are grounded in this uniquely effective approach.