Ride the wave of modern meditation technology as we push the envelope and achieve unprecedented effectiveness. Our streamlined meditative processes are derived from studying how meditation works for 1/4 century, and incredible real-rime feedback from meditators.

Becoming Aware is our baseline meditation program designed to combat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and help treat the symptoms of PTSD, all while increasing concentration by minimizing distraction. As you learn to develop effective meditation habits while using a multi-focal deep relaxation technique, which provides both immediate and long-term benefits, along with associative learning to create a natural relaxation response under stressful situations. Along the way you’ll learn exactly how each part of the process works. You’ll learn the parameters for maximizing results and minimizing frustration. You’ll also get other tips and tricks you can use to manage during particularly stressful times.

This is the program developed over the past couple of years during the Nature Based Deep Meditations at the For-Mar Nature Reserve, which was originally intended as a one time follow-up to open meditation classes at Wilson Park at the University of Michigan a couple of years earlier.

See the Overview of Applied Awareness page for more meditation opportunities.